Men’s Health Over 50

Men’s Health Over 50

All too often, men avoid going to the doctor – nearly 60 percent, actually – unless there is a clear problem or health scare. Experts suggest this is because of societal and medical reasons. Specifically, because women generally need preventative care, they are more likely to be active in their healthcare needs. Men, however, do not need the usual hormone-related care that women do which means their healthcare takes a back seat.

Affordable Primary Healthcare for Reno Retirees

Affordable Primary Healthcare for Reno Retirees

If you have recently retired from California and settled in the affordable hills of Northern Nevada, then welcome to the Biggest Little City in the World and congratulations. You spent a lifetime working toward this goal, and years or even decades dreaming about the move and planning for the future. You may have even thought about health care and how you were planning to pay for it. What you probably haven’t thought about yet is where to find a reliable primary doctor you can count on.

Join us in our mission to help at risk youth – The Eddy House

So happy to be a part of this great cause! Always such a wonderful feeling to help-out. The need is real for the at risk youth in our community. Thank you  Eddy House for the compassion, teaching and love you give these young adults. We at Preferred Family Medicine will continue to stand beside and support this great organization!! Keep up the awesome work.

An Affordable Healthcare Benefit For Your Employees

Let’s face it. Healthcare coverage costs are out of control. That doesn’t stop people from getting sick though. And it doesn’t stop the modern workforce from constantly shopping the help wanted ads for jobs with better benefits. What if you could provide your employees with the sort of health benefit formally enjoyed only by the rich and famous, and at a rate that won’t cause your bottom line to plummet off the page?

Dr. Christopher Highley: New Reno Direct Primary Care Family Physician

Dr. Christopher Highley has opened a new DPC practice in Reno, NV and looks forward to seeing new patients. Read on to learn more about what a DPC is and how this can help those with or without insurance coverage.

What Does DPC Mean?
DPC stands for Direct Primary Care. Dr. Christopher Highley works under the DPC model as a Reno concierge doctor. Using the DPC model, you receive primary health care from your physician and payment for services is paid directly to Preferred Family Medicine with a monthly or annual fee.

Win a QardioArm Wireless Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

One advantage of direct care is the ability to engage in remote monitoring and care of chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and weight. QardioMD is one company that integrates with our software to allow for HIPPA-compliant tracking via smart wireless blood pressure monitors, EKG’s, and smart scales. The idea is to achieve a more accurate picture of what is going on with our patients health and provide higher quality care as a result.

“Hey Doc, I’m Over Here!” 

“Hey Doc, I’m Over Here!” 

“Hey Doc, I’m Over Here!” How to regain control over your healthcare and make it about you!
Join Dr. Christopher Highley.  a board-certified Family Medicine physician,  in a discussion about personalized healthcare, Direct Primary Care (DPC), and alternative models of healthcare delivery.

Town Hall Meeting

August 8th, 2018 5:30 PM- 7 PM
Hampton Inn, Professional Circle 10599 Professional Cir, Reno, NV 89511