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COVID-19 Testing Survey

Coronavirus COVID-19 Testing Survey We are taking a quick survey to see if there is an interest in rapid testing at the point-of-care (e.g. the office or curbside) for SARS-CoV-2 About Coronavirus (COVID-19) Instant Test Kits for Professional Use Rapid results in 2-5...
Worried about your parent’s health? Get peace of mind, gift them a concierge physician

Worried about your parent’s health? Get peace of mind, gift them a concierge physician

Sometimes trying to figure the perfect gift for our parents can be a daunting task. When we ask them what they would like, more often than not the response is “I have everything I need”. 

But do they really? What if, just what if,  you could give them something that would send the best message of all! A message that said I love and want you to be around for a long time, I want my kids to know you as well as I know you. We think we have the perfect answer to the perfect gift!

Zion Medical Cost Sharing Plus Direct Primary Care Membership – A Smart, Affordable, Health Insurance Alternative

Frustrated with the ever-increasing cost of health insurance?
Are you a freelancer, self-employed, or a business owner responsible for your own health insurance?
Do you have a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) and feel like you are just throwing money away every month?
Would you like to have more control over your health care dollar?

Health-share and cost-share options are a viable alternative to traditional health insurance. With reasonable Initial Unshared Amounts (IUA), similar to a deductible, available for as low as $500, and monthly contributions in the $450-650 range for a family of 4, families and individuals are able to save over 50% over traditional health insurance. Plus, one gains the liberty to choose their own doctor, specialist, imaging center, lab, and pharmacy — putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to directing your health care.

Does the Renown and Anthem BCBS fiasco have you re-thinking health insurance?

Does the Renown and Anthem BCBS fiasco have you re-thinking health insurance?

In Reno, there are very few choices when it comes to healthcare. One of the largest healthcare systems in Northern Nevada is Renown. With the recent news that Renown Healthcare was possibly going to stop accepting Anthem Blue Cross (BCBS) insurance effective August 1st, 2019, many were faced with the possibility that they may “lose” their doctor. This is disheartening and certainly provoked anger and/or anxiety. However, this also sheds light on the deeper issues that exist within the insurance-driven U.S. healthcare system.

Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting for Reno’s premier Direct Primary Care practice, Preferred Family Medicine

Dr. Christopher Highley’s practice, Preferred Family Medicine, brings to Reno, Nevada a new take on an old model of care called Direct Primary Care. This week, Preferred Family Medicine will be hosting an open house in conjunction with a Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, July 25th, 2019.

Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting Celebration

Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting Celebration

Please join us in celebrating our Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony! July 25, 2019 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM 10627 Professional Circle Suite A Reno, NV 89521   RSVP: 775-204-0150, hello@nvpfm.com,  or fill out the form below   As our patients, you are a very...

Sedera Medical Cost-Sharing

Sedera Medical Cost Sharing We’re excited to announce that our members can now join Sedera’s medical cost sharing community at extremely affordable monthly costs through Preferred Family Medicine. Sedera is an innovative non-insurance approach to healthcare that pairs...