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Julia, Sarai and Doc. Amy Scullion are my hero today! This is the best team of healthcare Eric and I trusted. They have a new facility in south Virginia,...
Great people. Family friendly and highly professional at what they do.
66 year old female:I was a patient of Dr. Bearfield at Northern Nevada. Once I knew he was no longer affiliated with Northern Nevada and he was going to begin practicing at Preferred family Medicine, I immediately switched. His bedside manner, his exceptional skills coupled with his professional intellect is something I believe truly is a gift. His interest in me as a patient is real and knowing my primary physician does not believe in “one size fits all” methods is what continues to motivate me to have him be my primary care physician.
Response from the owner: Dear Tammy,Thank you for choosing Dr. Jeremy Bearfield as your primary care physician at Preferred Family Medicine. We appreciate your kind words about his exceptional skills and personalized approach to care. Your trust in our practice motivates us to continue providing the highest level of healthcare tailored to your individual needs.If you ever have questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out. We're here to support you on your health journey.Warm regards,The Team at Preferred Family Medicine
This program works! It is easy to follow and you receive lots of support! So glad I did this.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the kind words! 😊
BF and I goes this office for any medical concerns and we are beyond grateful for such an amazing care, attention to details and professionalism of Doc....
This was my first experience using a concierge PCP. I love Dr Amy! She's knowledgeable, compassionate and made me feel heard. I have since moved to vegas,...
I am beyond impressed with Dr Scullion and the staff. I recently switched from my primary care dr of 15 years. His office never returned phone calls, he rushed me in and out. I had the same complaints for years. Dr Scullion listened to my concerns, ordered blood work and immediately started working together on my issues. She is GREAT, very knowledgeable and very encouraging. Communication with her as well as the staff is fantastic as well. It is so convenient to be able to get labs drawn right there in the office. I feel the best I have felt in YEARS, Thank you Dr Amy!
Excellent concierge service! Dr. Scullion was beyond helpful in seeing me the same day that I called in as a new patient. I’ve been highly frustrated in the past with not being able to see my primary care doctor at a traditional family medicine practice in a timely fashion with mid-level providers being offered as an “equivalent” and only alternative. Then there is always the front desk person telling you to just go the Urgent Care or Emergency Room. Not so with Preferred Family Medicine! Dr. Scullion is very knowledgeable on current health topics, knows that the art of physical examination and listening to the patient are key. She has a straightforward way of explaining things. I felt so comfortable and could rest easy knowing she is an expert that I can trust with my healthcare. I highly recommend her.
My husband and I are incredibly happy with our decision to join this office. Dr. Scullion is highly-skilled, well-read, intuitive, and very approachable. This is our first experience with a concierge medical practice and we can't imagine returning to the impersonal, frustrating, and sometimes questionable care that is far too common. We highly recommend Dr. Scullion, Dr. Highley and the entire team.
Response from the owner: Peggy, thank you so much for the kind words! It has been awesome getting to know you and your husband. Thanks for trusting the the Preferred Family Medicine team with your care!
My husband and I are incredibly happy with our decision to join this office. Dr. Scullion is highly-skilled, well-read, intuitive, and very approachable....
Dr. Scullion and her team are great! My 3 year old daughter is not a patient of there’s nor my family but I called them for a very concerning rash. She quickly called us back and still offered her assistance! We will definitely be coming back. Thank you Dr Scullion!
While the concierge medicine concept is a nice one, this doctor has taken on too many patients. He goes back on his word when asking patients if they want...
Will write down that he came to your home for a visit and was never there.
I love this office!!! Go and see Dr.Highley!!I am thrilled to have this kind of medical practice in our community, where patients (not profit) come first....
I find Dr. Highley to be very pleasant, caring, and knowledgeable! He will listen to his patients and help them! His staff is very friendly. I strongly recommend him!
Dr. Christopher Highley, Chanel and Janet are some of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of interacting with here in Reno. We moved here from SF in...
I couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Highley and his staff. They're competent and professional, as well as friendly and responsive.Their direct primary care model allows for a far more personal relationship between doctor and patient. I can call them anytime and they remember who I am. It's like having an old-time family doctor with modern methods and technology.
I couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Highley and his staff. They're competent and professional, as well as friendly and responsive.Their direct primary...
Dr. Highley is a life saver! If you have a elderly family member, or you, yourself is of a distinguished age & having a hard time finding a Dr. in Reno NV,...
This was my best experience with a Doctor yet. Clean new offices professional staff. He seems to really care about his patients. I talked with him for about...
Dr Highley is a superior Family Practice physician, the best I have seen in my entire medical career. He is energetic, well read, well skilled, and personally connects with each patient. I recommend him enthusiastically.
lHighly recommended, I got a same day appt with no wait time. Small friendly staff. The doctor really takes his time and addresses all your concerns, I...
I found out about Dr.Highley through a friend at first I was hesitant cause I didn't know what direct primary care was. A monthly membership for my doctor (weird), but I decided to try it out. Let me just say Dr. Highley is amazing he spent about an hour with me reviewing all of my medical concerns, not to mention he gave me his cell phone number in case of emergencies. I will forever be his patient, just knowing I can always contact my doctor and I don't always have to be seen sold me right away. Great practice highly recommended !
Response from the owner: Thanks Patricia for thumbs up! We are excited to bring personalized care to Reno-Tahoe!

A Business Owner's Perspective

Preferred Family Medicine's Corporate Direct Primary Care (DPC) Plan for Small & Medium Businesses in the Reno-Tahoe region. Retain happier & healthier employees by offering our direct primary care corporate plan. Perfect for employers seeking to add a very usable health benefit that employees will truly appreciate. Option to split the cost with the employee or cover the entire cost. Comprehensive wellness program, direct access to doctor after hours, same-day/next-day appts, virtual visits, in-house discount labs. Soon to have in-house medication dispensing and x-ray.

An Employee's Perspective

Listen to one our "Corporate DPC Plan" employees give her testimonial. Her Nevada company offers our program to employees in Reno-Sparks & Carson City. She and her daughter took advantage or our wellness program and the relaxed/extended visits.

A Medicare Patient Perspective

If you are on Medicare and would like more face-to-face time with your doctor (not a Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant), concierge Direct Primary Care may be the solution for you. We help seniors navigate the healthcare system so that you will have peace of mind dealing with whatever medical issue that may arise over time.

A Cash-Pay Patient's Perspective

If you don't have health insurance, we understand -- insurance is expensive! Just know that we can manage all of your primary care needs -- no surprises, no extra costs -- just solid medical care around the clock, without the hassle. Often we can help you avoid the urgent care, ER, or hospitalization because we offer convenient, close follow-up. Not to mention, we can arrange for discounted labs, imaging, and medications. All pricing is transparent. For some, our DPC service pairs well with a healthshare plan.  

Let us know about your experience with Preferred Family Medicine?