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Are you ready to become a member of Preferred Family Medicine?

Great! We’re excited to have you on board.

The process is actually very simple.

To get started click on one of the links below


***We DO NOT bill and/or accept health insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid as forms of payment. In addition, some HMO health plans restrict referrals from out-of-network providers. Contact our office to make sure your situation fits well with our model of care.***


Payment Methods Include:

  1. Credit Card (all major cards)
  2. Debit Card
  3. Bank Account Autodraft (ACH)
  4. HSA / FSA card
  5. Check/Cash - please contact us.
  6. Other methods  -- please contact us.


Here are some screenshots of our signup forms so that you know what to expect:

After completing the enrollment process, we will contact you with specific membership information including:

  1. How to contact us for appointments and during office hours
  2. How to contact us after hours
  3. How to contact your doctor directly
  4. Secure portal access called Passport which is also available via the Apple App Store
  5. Secure text messaging access called Spruce via Apple Store or Spruce via Google Play Store
  6. How to request your medical records from another practice to ours - "Authorization For Medical Records Release"

If you are not quite ready to sign up online, you may contact us or fill out a Membership Inquiry Form here.