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Discover how Dr. Jennifer Peterson at Legacy Vision in Reno, is transforming eye care with an innovative concierge service model, offering personalized, comprehensive eye health solutions.


In the heart of Reno, NV, a new era of eye care is dawning. Dr. Jennifer Peterson, alongside Dr. Becky Humphreys and Dr. Troy Humphreys, is introducing Legacy Vision - a novel concierge optometry practice designed to redefine the patient experience. Located at 9120 Double Diamond Pkwy, Preferred Vision is not just a clinic; it’s a haven for those seeking personalized, patient-centric eye care.

Why Concierge Optometry?

Conventional eye care often gets entangled in the complexities of insurance and impersonal service. Recognizing this, Dr. Jennifer Peterson envisioned a practice where the focus shifts back to what truly matters - the patient. Legacy Vision is born from a philosophy that marries state-of-the-art eye care with the luxury and personalization of concierge service.

What Sets Legacy Vision Apart?

  1. Unmatched Accessibility: With a 24/7/365 approach, Legacy Vision ensures that expert care is just a call or click away. Whether you need tele-optometry consultation or in-person care, Dr. Peterson and her team are ready to assist, bypassing the need for insurance preauthorizations.
  2. Comprehensive Eye Care Services: From routine exams to managing chronic conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration, the clinic covers the entire gamut of eye health.
  3. A Team of Experts: Dr. Jennifer Peterson, with over 24 years of experience, joins forces with Drs. Becky and Troy Humphreys, bring a combined 70+ years of expertise to the table. This powerhouse team ensures top-notch care for all ages.
  4. Exclusive Member Benefits: The founding members enjoy a special rate of just $29/month, providing significant savings on various services, including substantial discounts on premium eyewear.
  5. Personalized Patient Experience: The concierge model at Legacy Vision emphasizes comfort and individualized attention. Patients can expect minimal wait times, a relaxed atmosphere, and a healthcare journey tailored to their specific needs.

Join the Legacy Vision Family

As Legacy Vision gears up for its grand opening in January 2024, it invites you to be part of a healthcare revolution. Embrace a vision care experience that values you not just as a patient, but as a member of the Legacy Vision family.

Not sure about concierge optometry or have more questions? Feel free to book a free meet & greet with Dr. Peterson.

For more information, visit LegacyVisionNV.com and discover the difference that concierge eye care can make in your life.


In a world where healthcare often feels impersonal and rushed, Legacy Vision stands as a beacon of personalized care and excellence. Under the guidance of Dr. Jennifer Peterson and her team, the practice is set to transform how eye care is delivered. Join us on this journey to exceptional vision and eye health.