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Preferred Family Medicine is Dr. Christopher Highley's Direct Primary Care practice located in S. Reno, NV. Member benefits include a Comprehensive Wellness Program (CWP). Dr. Highley explains the wellness program which is staged over a couples weeks and includes:

- expanded lab panel (not the usual insurance-based labs) with in-house phlebotomy

- EKG (heart testing) - Spirometry (lung testing)

- Hearing testing

- Vision testing

- Medication review

- Immunization review

- Complete review of systems and problems/concerns

- Head-to-toe physical exam

- 60+ minute face-to-face exam with the physician

- Full assessments

- Thorough care plan

- Regularly scheduled follow-ups, every 3-4 months to ensure optimal health Preferred Family Medicine's Comprehensive Wellness Program is very much like an executive or VIP physical.

Available to all annual members or after 6 months of active membership. For more info: https://preferredfamilymedicine.com/c...