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Dr. Christopher Highley has opened a Direct Primary Care (DPC) family practice in Reno, NV and looks forward to accepting new patients. Read on to learn more about what a DPC is and how this can help those with or without insurance coverage.

What Does DPC Mean?

DPC stands for Direct Primary Care. Dr. Christopher Highley works under the DPC model as a Reno concierge doctor. Using the DPC model, you receive primary health care from your physician and payment for services is paid directly to Preferred Family Medicine with a monthly or annual fee.

Benefits of Seeing a DPC

Since a DPC does not accept insurance payments, as they are a cash only doctor, overhead administrative and documentation demands are lessened, therefore the savings are passed on to you. Without having restraints on patient visit time that are often dictated by insurance companies, your DPC can give you the attention and caring bedside manner that you deserve.

An excellent benefit to using a DPC physician is that with your monthly or annual payment for services you can get more for your money. This is a result of having one fee covering a range of services and visits, as opposed to having to pay out of pocket for individual visits and services. This can help to eliminate the stress associated with deciding whether or not you can afford to go to the doctor each time you need to be seen.

Another added benefit to seeing a direct primary care doctor is that as a patient you have more privacy. This is due to eliminating the extensive patient data collection responsibilities that many insurance companies require. With less needed staff under the DPC model, the intrusions on patient privacy is also greatly diminished.

If you are interested in becoming a patient of Dr. Highley you can contact Preferred Family Medicine to get set up. Feel like more of a person rather than a number with a Reno family physician that cares about your well-being.