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Employee Health Benefits Dilemma?

Let's face it. Healthcare coverage costs are out of control. That doesn't stop people from getting sick though. And it doesn't stop the modern workforce from constantly shopping the help wanted ads for jobs with better benefits. What if you could provide your employees with the sort of health benefit formally enjoyed only by the rich and famous, and at a rate that won't cause your bottom line to plummet off the page?

If you are a small or medium sized employer in Northern Nevada, now you can. By providing your workforce with a direct primary care (DPC) benefit from Preferred Family Medicine, your employees will receive concierge-like primary care services that include unlimited visits, direct access to a physician, minor procedures, discounted labs and much more. For a small monthly membership fee, your employees will experience the kind of personalized family healthcare that virtually no other company in the area provides.

Direct Primary Care - Concierge Care For Your Employees

Direct Primary Care is the way medicine was practiced in the old days before insurance companies turned a trip to the doctor's office into a corporate assembly line. Preferred Family Medicine doesn't accept ANY insurance. Instead, we charge a low, flat monthly fee and only provide services to a relatively small group of patients. The fee covers all of the services we provide with no co-payments, or coinsurance.

For the monthly fee, your workforce, and you, can expect to receive covered lab testing that can often be performed in your home or workplace, including routine blood work, urinalysis, strep throat, rapid flue and glucose. In-office procedures can include skin biopsies, laceration treatment, burn and wound care, and other minor procedures. Also included is urgent care for sprains, strains, colds and flu, rashes and UTIs. And UNLIMITED visits for health management, physicals, and preventative medicine, all provided by Dr. Christopher Highley, with twenty years of experience in primary care and family medicine.

This is medicine the way it was intended, with personalized care delivered by a doctor you know and trust. No assembly lines, and no rush. Just direct care when you need it, as often as you need it, provided by a family physician who will take the time to talk, answer emails, and even texts, the way medicine used to be, the way it should be.

To learn more about Dr. Highley and his exciting new practice in Reno at Preferred Family Medicine please contact us today. We will be happy to meet with you and discuss more about the benefits of individualized direct primary care and the surprisingly affordable cost of providing concierge-like care to your workforce and your family. Contact Preferred Family Medicine for care you can count on.