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If you have recently retired from California and settled in the affordable hills of Northern Nevada, then welcome to the Biggest Little City in the World and congratulations. You spent a lifetime working toward this goal, and years or even decades dreaming about the move and planning for the future. You may have even thought about health care and how you were planning to pay for it. What you probably haven't thought about yet is where to find a reliable primary doctor you can count on.


If you hadn't given it much thought, you're probably among the majority of recently resettled retirees. With so many other things to worry about and plan for, where you are going to receive the kind of primary care you need is usually pretty low on everyone's list... until you need to see someone. And in this day and age, what you're more likely going to find when you start looking are huge corporate enterprises staffed by dozens of healthcare providers, where you're run through like an assembly line widget, never seeing the same person twice, almost never seeing a real doctor, and feeling more like part of a manufacturing process than a person.

It can all cause a lot of people to experience buyer's remorse about moving. It's those little things you don't think about until they're gone, after all, that made your old community feel like home. That's why Dr. Christopher Highley established a new kind of practice at Preferred Family Medicine, to provide the kind of quality, attentive, personalized care that makes every patient feel like you're home again, no matter where you're from.

Dr. Highley is now accepting new patients into his concierge practice. At an affordable monthly rate to fit almost any budget, Preferred Family Medicine offers no wait "established care" appointments, extended, relaxed, no rush visits, direct access to the doctor via phone/text/portal after hours, house call appointments for labs, in-house phlebotomy, unlimited appointments, and a comprehensive wellness program.

Remember how healthcare used to be, when you had a real relationship with your family practice doctor and he or she became intimately familiar with your history and healthcare needs? Dr. Highley believes that is how medicine should still be and has created this unique, insurance-free practice based on the simple premise that medicine works better when doctors actually know their patients. With twenty years of practicing family medicine, Dr. Highley has come to Reno just like you have, with dreams of creating a trusted practice where everyone who walks the door is coming home again and rediscovering care the way it always should have been. Contact us today to learn more about Preferred Family Medicine and start on your journey to feeling at home again.