An Innovative Non-Insurance Approach to High-End Quality Care Experience Direct Primary Care (DPC)

At Preferred Family Medicine, our goal is to deliver high quality and individualized medical care to each of our patients. Your personalized care plan will be customized to you and your health needs. As a member you’ll receive benefits reserved for our Direct Primary Care patients with added value:

  • Comprehensive primary care including acute and chronic care, prevention, screening, and treatment.
  • Direct cell phone access to your doctor.
  • Same-day or next-day visits.
  • Extended, relaxed visits with no copays.
  • Comprehensive annual physicals focused on prevention.
  • In most cases, tests and procedures included
  • At-cost labs and medications.


Add Sedera and Don't Sweat the Big Stuff

Sedera is a proven alternative for managing larger healthcare needs. By participating in a medical cost-sharing community, members of Sedera enjoy quality healthcare at an average of 50% in savings over traditional insurance.

  • Large Curative Treatments
    (i.e. Hospitalization, Surgeries, ER Visits, MRIs)
  • No Network Concerns
    (Freedom to Choose Your Providers)
  • Dedicated Member Services Team
  • Open to All
  • Medical Bill Negotiation.

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Together, Direct Primary Care and Medical Cost Sharing provide an innovative, non-insurance solution for quality healthcare. Everyone needs healthcare. Insurance is just one way to pay for it. Combine Preferred Family Medicine's DPC membership with Sedera and make your healthcare better, start to finish.